AP Blanc

  The Fascination of White Wall Décor Inspired by the gleaming light, the French called it lovingly "blanc" – the colour white. Symbolising purity, clarity, majesty and innocence, we XXL.490x440.999.Koll.Blanc1.1_Seite_1have always associated white décor with stylish elegance and a sophisticated tradition, with an exclusive ambience and exquisite interiors. They cleverly add a sense of more space and expansiveness to any room. Exquisite, modern, timeless, innovative and visionary, these attributes all come together beautifully in the exclusive "AP Blanc" wallpaper collection. It is hard to beat the variety of high-quality materials and sublime surface textures of this exquisite selection of the most popular white décors of the exclusive collection by the premium and contract brand Architects Paper. With its combination of colours, patterns, textures and style features of different eras, "AP Blanc" offers a multitude of design options for exclusive décor – no matter whether it is used in upmarket hotels or private homes with classic interiors or loft character. » request project

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