AP Wall Fashion

Anybody who knows textile wallpapers will also have an appreciation for the fine, high-quality workmanship that goes into making wall coverings. Wallpaper with a textile surface comes in numerous colours and patterns. Jens Dieber, head designer of the object and premium brand Architects Paper, takes textile wall dressings one step further. Applications from sequins, embroidery fabric and 3D designs now adorn the panels of the “AP Wall Fashion” collection. From golden and rainbow-coloured sequins to shiny embroidery, these classy wall panels create wonderful lighting effects. The range of patterns encompasses classic, graphic and oriental designs and has an air of elegance and distinction. Bring unique accents into your home with these ornate panels and combine them with colour-coordinated plain coloured wallpaper. With this collection's special highlights you will create a wonderful, uniquely decorated wall dressing. The “AP Wall Fashion” collection represents luxurious, elegant wall decoration. You will be enchanted by the new textile highlights of the premium brand Architects Paper.

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