Haute Couture 2

No catwalk, but haute couture at its best. The new collection meets the high standards of exquisite French fashion in two respects: through its stylish and opulent design and through its high-quality material. Haute Couture II brings a modern interpretation of baroque arabesques to the wall.

“Combined with classic stripes and fine unis they give a stylish elegance to any room – whether in high-end hotels or in private residences"

object designer J.S. Dieber The precious fabric and the warm, muted Flamant colours enhance the exquisite impression. The material also contributes to this: warps made of high-quality rayon laminated onto a non-woven backing produce a comfortable feel and shimmering iridescent effects. In the uni wallpapers, small linkages were intricately incorporated into the material. Slightly expanding material gives a special texture and depth to the three-dimensional ornaments. Roll: 10.05 × 0.53 m
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Haute Couture 2 wallpapers – Arabeske:

Haute Couture 2 wallpapers – Barock:

Haute Couture 2 wallpapers – Classic:

Haute Couture 2 wallpapers – Classic All over:

Haute Couture 2 wallpapers – Streifen:

Haute Couture 2 wallpapers – Uni: