Kind of White by Wolfgang Joop

From fashion designer to wallpaper designer: Wolfgang Joop has collaborated with A.S. Création to create his first wallpaper collection. "Kind of White" combines Prussian strictness with French playfulness and classic motifs with modern colours. Dazzling blossoms, opulent antique and oriental décor - Wolfgang Joop's first wallpaper collection fascinates with ornamental variety that draws upon the richness of classical and baroque motifs. Unusual colour combinations, elaborate embossing with silver and gold, seductive lustre effects - with every detail, "Kind of White" reveals opulent elegance. Inspired by Sanssouci Palace In the creation of his extraordinary wallpapers, the internationally acclaimed designer was inspired by the wall textiles of Potsdam's Sanssouci Palace. Wolfgang Joop grew up close to the palace and had always admired the motifs and décors of the tapestries. Now he has reinterpreted them and incorporated them perfectly in his wall decorations. His elaborate designs unfold their imposing effect, particularly in the midst of modern, straightforward interiors: With concrete, wood and unplastered walls, they form an industrialurban style creating impressive contrasts. Wolfgang Joop's elegant wall outfits are a highlight in our sophisticated range of wallpapers. As Rüdiger von Preen, studio manager at A.S Création emphasises, "Through his collaboration, we are very proud to have a world renowned designer as a new creative partner". For Wolfgang Joop, the crossover from fashion designer to wallpaper is a natural step: As he points out, "The term 'Mode' comes from Modus Vivendi, and describes the way in which we live. Be it clothing, furniture or wallpaper: We express ourselves and our personality with the designs that surround us. Therefore for him, fashion and interior design are inseparable. Wolfgang Joop describes his own style as consciously eclectic: The star designer combines opulence and purism in the design of his interiors. As he explains, "Why not have both?". "I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of what Oscar Wilde once said: I have very simple taste. I am always satisfied with the best".

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