Luxury Wallpaper

Luxury Wallpaper – A high-quality ensemble “Luxury Wallpaper”, a collection from the object and premium wallpaper brand Architects Paper, offers a special mix of the most diverse, high-quality materials and exciting patterns. In this luxurious wallpaper selection you will find not only genuine flocked surfaces but also unique finishes with glass beads. Classic textile and satin wallpaper complete the collection. Graphic, modern designs are juxtaposed with traditional, ornamental decorations, each wonderfully enhancing the other. Stylish and elegant, this quality range of patterns is ideally complemented by colour-coordinated plain wallpaper. Young and old alike will create a perfect pattern for their personal style of living. Create eye-catching accents with gold ornaments on refined textile surfaces or cover entire walls with graphic designs in a high-quality, luxurious look – equally beautiful in modern spaces and classical institutions. The high-quality “Luxury Wallpaper” mix has the perfect wallpaper for every style.

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