Classic Italian Lifestyle

In Italy, "nobile" means aristocratic, exclusive, noble, blue-blooded. All these adjectives accurately describe the latest classic wallpaper collection by the premium and contract brand Architects Paper.

Inspired by Italian villas, mansions and hotels, "Nobile" adds a sense of Mediterranean dolce vita to your interiors. Fine and delicate hand-made embossing on 70cm wide heavy vinyl create exclusive wall pictures and a harmonious ornamentation in warm timeless colours. The relief looks like fabric and delivers an impressive performance when it comes to wear, ease of hanging, technology, as well as aesthetic effect and design.

Two matching series of embroidered wallpapers round off the collection. Using traditional embroidery techniques, the finest delicate threads are applied to coordinated plain colours. Each panel measures approx. 3 metres. They add further refinement to this exclusive wall decoration, creating veritable design objects that generate attractive additional turnover.

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AP Nobile