A Kingdom Filled with Splendour These sumptuous wallcoverings will take you into a gracefully elegant baroque world. With the high-quality wallpapers of the "Piazza" collection by the premium and contract brand Architects Paper you can create your own personal kingdom, filled with comfort and splendour. Powerful colours with a gentle shimmer in traditional motifs and subtle floral patterns in soft shades produce a sumptuous feeling of luxury and exclusivity. Matching plain wallpapers round off the overall picture. Delicate textures on premium non-woven material generate a sensual and compelling feel-good ambience. "Piazza" makes a strong statement of refined taste with its special velvety surface, its sophisticated design language and harmonious colouration. » request project

Collection "Piazza" - Roompictures

Collection "Piazza" - Classic Ornaments

Collection "Piazza" - Leaves and Palms

Collection "Piazza" - Curved Lines

Collection "Piazza" - Peacock feathers

Collection "Piazza" - Uni´s