Tessuto 2

Tessuto No. 2 – A Blend of Tradition and Contemporary Style

“Dressing up” walls with fabric is something very special and with a long tradition, going back centuries and that has long been the reserve of the aristocracy. The new collection Tessuto No. 2 by Architects Paper, the premium and contract brand, demonstrates that there is no contradiction in combining classic fabric wallcovering with a modern interior. It blends tradition with contemporary style, playing skilfully with a mix of colour and design.

As much as the designs differ, they do create a harmonious look. The interaction of traditional classic motifs and forms with delicate random patterns makes quite an impression. The modern touch comes from a combination of matching plain colours and stripes. The contours are highlighted by 3D shadows, producing a particularly vivid effect.

Bold colour combinations make this wallpaper suitable for sophisticated interiors, where they make a powerful statement. The colours range from the traditional contract colours of white, lotus, cream, beige and a light grey to royal blue, mustard, salmon and black.

The base is a stable high quality non-woven material, finished with dyed warp threads. Subtle flamed yarns create an irregular, yet homogeneous appearance with an optimal aesthetic effect.

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