Haute Couture 3

Haute Couture III continues the success story of textile wallpapers by Architects Paper! What began some 1½ years ago, has by now developed into a regular fixture in the upscale segment, both in the hotel industry and in the private sector.

“Reinventing oneself, absorbing the Zeitgeist (spirit of the time) and yet remaining true to one's roots.”

Jens Dieber

The timeless luxury wallpapers are designed and developed to market-readiness in-house by our object designer J.S. Dieber. Traditional warps on a high-quality non-woven substrate are lightly spangled. Depending on the direct and sided light, the designs have different effects. The traditional patterns were interpreted in a modern manner without losing their noble style. Haute Couture III shows that luxury is not always a question of money.
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Haute Couture 3 wallpapers – Arabeske:

Haute Couture 3 wallpapers – Barock:

Haute Couture 3 wallpapers – Classic:

Haute Couture 3 wallpapers – Floral:

Haute Couture 3 wallpapers – Streifen:

Haute Couture 3 wallpapers – Uni: