Quick-Guide: Pigment – FRISE Lasur

Pigment FRISE varnish
Version 10.03.2014

- The surface must be clean, firm, dry, smooth, and stable with a uniform low absorbency
- Use only rolls with the same design and batch number and the same roll dimensions for each area
- Use only paste-the-wall technique – Roll up strips with the non-woven backing facing outward
- Ensure exact tight seams
- Ensure that paste does not come into contact with the wallpaper surface – if it does, remove immediately with a damp sponge
(paste stains will show up after painting)
- Smooth the product with a sponge rubber roller or brush, ensuring no air bubbles or creases form. Do not use a smoother
- Pigment FRISE is suitable for solvent free and plasticizer resistant coating paints and/or varnishes
(refer to product label)
- Ask your wholesaler or stockist about suitable paint products
- Test the product in an inconspicuous area before final coating – You will not be able to change the colour
of a varnish
- Allow long open times for thin film paints and varnishes
- A tip for varnishes: use an oval brush for best results and wipe off excess paint with
a soft long-bristled sweep brush (e.g. Bonum glaze wiper)
- A tip for coating paints: Use a 14 – 16mm lambswool roller to achieve optimum results
- If you primed cropping areas for coating paints with a brush you must go over them again with
a short pile paint roller
- Work only wet-on-wet in cropping areas
- Tip: Do the painting in pairs to avoid uneven drying and paint finish