Magnetic Acoustic Pads

AP - Magnetic Acoustic Pad Distribution:Architects Paper®, a brand of A.S. Création Tapeten AG Südstr. 47 D-51645 Gummersbach, Germany Function: The Magnetic Acoustic Pads provide an immediate remedy for problem areas without the need for a complete refurbishment. The pads achieve sound absorption Class A in the relevant frequency range. The tests were carried out by the Gesellschaft für Akustikforschung Dresden mbH in accordance with DIN EN ESO 354. The pads measure 750 mm x 430 mm x 30 mm. They consist of a flame-retardant polyester core and a 100% wool felt cover. Their backing consists of a magnetic foil for easy and convenient mounting on metallic surfaces. In addition to the sound absorbing properties, the "Magnetic Acoustic Pads" also serve as visual design elements. They are available in five colours: lime green, dark blue, greying mélange, anthracite mélange and black. Thanks to its diamond shape, the pads can be individually combined. This opens up a multitude of design options, allowing you to express your own style and give the interior a unique character, simply by the way you arrange the pads. Assembling Magnetic Acoustic Pads is quick and clean. The sound absorbing decorative elements stick to metallic surfaces (magnetic strength: 0.50 N/cm² + 20 % / - 10%). Dimensions: 750 mm x 430 mm x 30 mm 40900-1 = black 40900-2 = anthracite Mélange 40900-3 = greying mélange 40900-4 = lime green 40900-5 = dark blue
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