AP Pigment – Paintable Non-Woven Wallpaper Meets High Expectations The new Architects Paper collection impresses with its outstanding quality, easy application and a multitude of design option. Paintable wall coverings are a flexible solution for contemporary interior design in residential properties, offices and public facilities. With AP Pigment, we present a technically high-quality collection with unique material properties that offers something for everyone and inspires designs for all life styles. The textures were developed especially for, and in collaboration with, the trade. Innovative coatings create exciting colour and 3D effects, offering possibilities for the creative design of sophisticated interiors. All wallpapers are of a consistent Made-in-Germany quality, are RAL-tested and can be hung quickly and easily without soaking. When it comes to renovating at a later date, they can be stripped off completely dry. Their excellent, hard-wearing material quality sets them apart from other wallpapers and they are dimensionally stable, permeable to steam and flame retardant. In conjunction with the choice of colour, the breathable, skin-friendly material creates a pleasant room atmosphere. The AP Pigment collection consists of 12 material groups, divided according to their individual properties and the different possibilities for creative painting. label_winner_2014Paintable wall coverings are a key part of the range and are now part of the standard repertoire of any wallpaper retailer and manufacturer. With a creative touch, walls can be individually designed in the chosen colour and with the desired effects. Architects Paper has recognised this trend and acted on it in creatively. Since summer 2012, the project team have been working on redesigning the paintable wall coverings range and creating some innovative new products. The brief was to appeal to architects and interior designers was well as painters and decorators. The demands of design, quality, painting technique and wallpapering had to be blended seamlessly. APE 50 PIGMENT_STYLE
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Frankfurt am Main, 10th. January 2014

FAP_Urkunde AIT Trendscouting Award_lowor the fith time around 25 AIT Trendscouts were sent out to scout for the newest trends of the branch at the Heimtextil.

The 15 nominated products were judged by a jury of three on the second day in order to find the AIT Trend 2014.

On 9th of January at 17:30 o’clock at the prize giving award ceremony the AIT Trend 2014 and the ‘Special Mention’ were awarded.

AIT Trend 2014 (1)
Product name Manufacturer City/Country Hall/Booth nr. Pigment Paintable Architects Paper® a brand of A.S. Création Tapeten AG Gummersbach, Deutschland 3.1 D87