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Nothing determines the atmosphere in a room more than the wall. And the wallpaper is an expression of the personality of each individual. Thus wallpaper is diversity, and everyone has the right to his or her own wallpaper!

We invite you to join us on the next pages to follow us into the wonderful world of digital printing. The sections “Artwork”, “Eye-Catcher”, “Landscape”, “Black & White” and “Natural Textures” help you choose your favourite design. In addition, all the murals are available in individual sizes and in four different wallpaper qualities.

Our odourless prints are also suitable for sensitive environments. The combination of the water-based latex inks which we use with proven non-woven wallpapers creates brilliant designs with outstanding image quality and an attractive, environmentally friendly profile.

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In addition, the digital prints by Architects Paper are flame-retardant, light fast, washable, and completely dry-strippable. They meet all current architectural requirements.


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