AP Digital

Architects Paper, the premium and object trademark from A.S. Creation AG, doesn’t just produce exclusive wallpapers and handcrafted single runs for sophisticated tastes but also high value digital prints for hotels, gastronomy and shops. In the case of boutiques; concrete, stone and rust structures are very popular as an attractive background to the presentation of goods. The format can be individually determined; by request the motives of clients can be applied. AP Digital enthuses with a wide spectrum of motives amongst which are spectacular (typo-) graphic designs, kaleidoscopic pictures in the style of MyLumi as well as landscapes, aerial shots, animal motives and industrial photography in the classic modern style. For special effects we take advantage of a particular process for printed artistic graphics in which flowers, objects and drawings teem. The individual elements super impose themselves in different colours and levels. According to spectral colour density, a different colour level becomes dominant.

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AP Digital - Texture

AP Digital - Eyecatcher

AP Digital - Landscape

AP Digital - Black & White

AP Digital - Artwork

AP Digital - Mixed UP