VW Beetle and Bulli – Real Icons The VW Beetle is the symbol of the West German "Wirtschaftswunder" and opened up a new opportunity of automotive mobility to ordinary people. The Beetle's younger "big" brother, the Volkswagen van Type 2, usually called "Bulli", also offered impressive strengths. Production of this workhorse of the Wirtschaftswunder started in 1950, initially in Wolfsburg, Germany, moving to Hanover in 1956. It featured a 25hp, 1,131cc air-cooled flat four cylinder boxer engine. Despite continuous improvement of the specifications until 1967, fans of the T1, the first generation van, still cherish the 'V' shape beading, the large VW emblem and the split windscreen. "An attitude of freedom" is probably the best description for the VW Bulli. You can now bring this feeling into your home with digital prints of the T1. Stylish and simple but also powerful portraits of the van take you back to a time of joie de vivre, independence and a thirst for adventure in exotic places. Allow yourself to be carried away into a world where a van is more than a means of transport – Bulli is being at home and abroad at the same time.


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